Yes! You To Can Install A Kegerator Conversion Kit.

Okay now it’s time for the do-it-yourselfers to shine. The kegerator kit for converting refrigerators will be right up your alley if you’re handy in all. These kits come with everything you need to turn anyold or new refrigerator into your own draught beer dispensing center. These conversion kits are pretty popular with the home brew crowd as well, since they are pretty much do-it-yourselfers already.

Kegco is pretty much the leader when it comes to kegerator conversion kits and two of the three units that we showcase here are from them. The third kit is from a company that specializes in products for the home brewers out there. Both of these companies provide exceptional value and high quality products.

So let’s dive in and take a look at what these conversion kits have to offer.

Kegco Deluxe Door Mount Conversion Kit

Kegco Refrigerator Conversion Kit
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This kit is a single tap product and comes with everything you need to convert that old refrigerator into a beer fridge. Take note that this kit includes the CO2 tank, so when comparing with other products make sure that they include the tank in the price. Some manufacturers include it as an option. Here are the kit details.

Kegco Deluxe Door Mount Details:

  • Included with the kit is a Kegco branded 5 lb. Aluminum Co2 Tank.
  • A double gauge Co2 Kegco Premium Series Pro Regulator is also included.
  • American “D” System Sankey lever handle coupler.
  • 4-1/8″ Long Shank with Nipple Assembly and a chrome plated faucet with brass lever.
  • A durable 6″x4″ stainless steel drip tray with back spash (No Drain).
  • All parts are the highest quality and designed to last.

This is an extremely popular kit and the people that have purchased it had given it a 4.6 out of 5 star rating. One gripe that does come up though with the kit is that the clamps as provided are plastic. If this is bothersome then a quick trip to Lowes or Home Depot will solve the problem in short order.

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Kegco Deluxe Tower Conversion Kit

Kegco Deluxe Tower Kegerator Conversion Kit 2
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This is the kit you’ll want if you’re thinking of converting a compact refrigerator or a chest freezer into your beer dispensing unit. The tower will be mounting to the top of the fridge or freezer. A word of caution though when converting a compact refrigerator, make sure that the interior dimensions are large enough to suit whatever keg you’re planning on using and when measuring make sure you get the interior dimensions with the door closed. To get a full size keg in a compact refrigerator, you will need a minimum of 28″ Interior Height and 17″ width and depth. For pony kegs you’ll need 18″ Interior Height and 17″ width and depth.

Kegco Deluxe Tower Conversion Kit Details:

  • A single faucet is included that is a 3″ diameter polished stainless steel draft tower.
  • A commercial grade double gauge Co2 regulator is provided.
  • You get an American “D” System Sankey Lever handle coupler.
  • Also includes a 5 lb aluminum Co2 tank.
  • 5 Feet of 5/16″ air line with 5 Feet of 3/16″ beer line assembly.

If you are thinking about converting a chest freezer then there will be a little more work involved and we do not suggest you convert it with the idea of getting a full keg in there. Lifting it would be a Herculean feat had best, so stick to the 5 gallon kegs if this is your plan. Here is a link that will show you how to convert the freezer to handle higher temperatures and not freeze your beer. Chest Freezer Conversion.

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Cornelius Homebrew Conversion Kit



Cornelius Homebrew Kit
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If you’ve elected to brew your own beer at home and would like to step up to your own kegerator then this would be the kit for you to utilize. It’s a great feeling to be able to keg up and tap a beer that you have brewed yourself and this kit provides you with a great start at a great price. Here are some of the items included with the kit.

Cornelius Homebrew Kit Details:

  • (2) Reconditioned ball lock kegs (gaskets are installed).
  • (2) 30″ liquid lines with party taps and ball lock connectors.
  • (2) gas ball lock connectors each with 1/4″ 5′ air hoses.
  • A regulator with separate 2 way splitter.
  • (1) empty 5 lb Co2 tank.

If you’re once again getting ready to brew up a new batch of beer and you dread the thought sterilizing all those bottles, then give some thought to the kegerator route. This kit comes mostly assembled and really all you need to do, other than acquiring a fridge, is to sterilize the kegs that come with the kit. Once you use this method you’ll never go back to bottles again.

To get more information on the Cornelius Homebrew Kegerator Kit, read customer reviews order purchase simply click on the image above and a new window will open to fulfill your request.

So there you have it three great kegerator kits for converting our old refrigerator, compact refrigerator or even an old chest freezer into that new kegerator you’ve been waiting for. Now I have to do is simply choose which one is right for you and click on an image.